Lil Nas X Net Worth

Lil Nas X Net Worth :

$3 Million

Lil Nas X Net Worth
Lil Nas X
Net Worth $3 Million
Date of Birth April 9, 1999
Age 20
Nationality United States of America
Source of Wealth Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Last Updated 2019


Lil Nas X is an American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter who came to popularity when one of his country rap “Old Town Road” became viral popularity on the video sharing app TikTok in early 2019 this year. The song peaked at number one on the “Billboard Hot 100”.

Lil Nas X’s net worth is now estimated to $3 million as of 2019.

Early Life

Lil Nas X is was born on 9th April 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

His parents divorced when he was six years of old and settled with his mother and grandmother in Backhead, Atlanta.

After spending three years with her mother and grandmother, he moved with his father who is a gospel singer in Austell Georgia.

He began playing trumpet in the fourth grade but after sometime he quit the instrument out of fear looking uncool.


On December 3, 2018, he released country rap song “Old Town Road”. The song went viral in early 2019 due to the “Yeehaw Challenge” meme on the social media app TikTok.

He made around 100 memes to promote the song on different social platform.

Lil debuted on the “Billboard Hot 100” at number 83, later he climbed to number one. His song “Old Town Road” debuted on “Hot Country Songs” at chart no 19 and “Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs” at number 36.

When determining genres, a few factors are examined, but first and foremost is a musical composition. While “Old Town Road” incorporates references to country and cowboy imagery, it does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version.

Some fan of country song doesn’t consider the song as “Country” enough.

Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus experience a similar situation in 1990s with his song “Achy Breaky Heart” and he supported “Old Town Road” in his tweet, and he is featured vocalist in a song released in April 2018.

On April 2019, it has been announced that his song streamed in a week 143 Million times and broke the record of most U.S. streams of Drake’s “In my feeling” which was streams 116.2 Million times.

In June 2019, Lil Nas X came out public as gay.

In July 2019, Billboard revealed that the song “Old Town Road” had topped the “Hot 100 Chart” for 17 strait weeks which is a world record.

As of 2019, Lil Nas X’s net worth is $3 Million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Lil Nas X’s career:

  • Old Town Road (Song, 2019)
  • 7 (EP, 2019)
  • Panini (Song, 2019)


Lil Nas X favourite quotes

Below are the some of the favourite quotes of Lil Nas X:

I believe whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always going to get some kind of bad reception. – Lil Nas X

When I first started to do music, I was kind of doing what I thought people would want me to do. – Lil Nas X

“Old Town Road” came after a period of feeling like I was out of options. I was living with my sister. She was pretty much fed up with me being there. – Lil Nas X

In my music, I’m never going to force anything to try to recreate a moment or something. – Lil Nas X

I feel like Drake is doing exactly what I plan on doing, just being sick for all of, what, a decade now? And just always being able to switch it up and never stay in one box. – Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X is best known for country rap “Old Town Road” which achieved viral popularity as part “Yeehaw Challenge”.

Lil Nas X net worth is estimated to $3 Million dollars in 2019.

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